lululemon lab

a design concept store


a space for experimentation in focused collections

lululemon lab Vancouver and New York City are design concept spaces for lululemon. Featuring a team of in-house designers and sampling room, each lab develops focused collections that react to the city it is situated in. These collections are produced in limited quantities that are exclusive to the lab space, and influence the no-sweat sector of main line lululemon.


front of house, behind the scenes

Each member of our team has a key part in the day to day business at the lab. When visiting our space, you may be assisted by one of our designers, brand manager, photographer or our accessories curator! Working on the retail floor allows us to gain feedback directly from our guests that we can use to incorporate into future designs and happenings in our space.

Elevating through Collaboration

We believe that innovation and creativity is optimized when interdisciplinary minds are given a platform to work together. We use our space to elevate like-minded creatives in our community; in doing this, we create opportunities to diversify our skill sets and allow both teams to learn something from one another.