The Tacto Collection

the lab's first pleated capsule

The lab is excited to introduce a new pleated capsule as part of our Fall 2016 collection. Inspired by the connection between movement and stillness, the Tacto Collection is the latest in design and fabric innovation at the lab. Learn more about the behind-the-scenes process below.

Elevating a Classic Material

The Tacto Collection is made of Swift, our recycled polyester fabric comprised of post-consumer plastic waste.  Typically used in sweat-focused styles, swift is fabricated for movement. When elevated through pleating, swift becomes a technical material with a sartorial edge. The process to pleat the material involves feeding the fabric, which is layered between two sheets of pleated paper, through a machine that applies heat and presses the pleats into place.

Design Inspiration

“At the start of this collection, I was inspired by dancers’ movement.  I’ve previously had the opportunity to work with local dance collective OURO, they are a continuous source of inspiration; the structure and flow of their movements, the athleticism and beauty of their work. Like dancers’ movement, pleating lives within contrasting ideas. Our pleating has a structural appearance yet a soft hand touch, it is uniformly linear yet allows for complete range of motion and movement. We chose to pleat our recycled polyester swift because it is a lightweight and breathable fabric, perfect for a lifestyle in motion. This is the first time the lab has explored pleating and I am very excited about these pieces.”

— Sarah Fairweather, lab designer

The Production Process

It took over 16 hours to create the initial sample for the Tacto Bomber due to its complex construction. The production of this collection was labour intensive and required a high level of precision to handle the pleated material. Each panel of fabric was cut individually and carefully sewn to ensure that the pleats flow naturally on the body.

The Right Fit

During the fitting process, the design team analyzes the garment sample on a model and makes adjustments to achieve the ideal fit. These changes are executed by our pattern makers, who work to capture the designers’ vision through multiple prototypes. It took our designers four fittings to perfect the design and fit of the Tacto Bomber.


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